Devotion of a Lightworker

Being human in a multi dimensional world means that different energies surround us ~ to understand how to work with all energies in neutrality is enlightenment ~ Sher. There must be balance with both worlds in order to be most effective. Too much focus on either side can create a delusional state of being. To have an intimate relationship with Mother Earth and Spirit creates harmony within. Stay grounded and accept all that comes our way, to understand the Truth.


For those on this path, please remember that the process is slow because the glands in our brain slowly transform to allow in more Light and the body (on all levels) needs to be open, clean and without limitations to hold the Light and learn how to work with it. For some, the Light is our connection to Divine Consciousness, Great Spirit or Source.


Guardian of Pachamama (Mother Earth, Cosmic Universal Mother)


Through me, seeds were planted in the Lightworkers that I brought together since 2004. Pilgrims and soul groups that connected with shamans, spiritual gatherings and each other in Canada and in Peru received the seeds. It’s a good idea to nourish those seeds and feel gratitude so that they flourish.


Part of the preparation, is having a deep connection to spirit. It is important that we are not giving away our power and that our healing is individual and independent. We carry many gifts so rather than let someone enter energetically, make a strong connection to the elements of nature or to our totem animal.

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