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James (aka Will)

fjames aka will

What a beautiful group of souls you brought together last night.  Thanks for warmly opening up your sacred space to us all and for providing a safe and caring environment for our individual and communal explorations, expressions and healing.  Your intuition, nurturing, compassion and strength, qualities I truly admire in a person, where obviously present every step of the way.




Thank you from Helena

fthanks you frmo helena

Hello Sher!

I just would like to say a huge Thank You once again for the experience Saturday night. I am trying to think of the words to express how grateful I am to have been a part of the gathering and to be surrounded by so many loving individuals that have the same views as I do on life. I found myself crying for most of the night, tears of joy and tears of awakening. Being there just felt like home, like I belonged.

Will’s Testimonial, March, 2013

fwill marhc 2013

Imagine going on a journey to a land where diversity of ecosystems and climate is only matched by its rich human history and dense cultural heritage.  A place where every corner turned, every path embarked on amazes and excites and leaves you wanting more.  Now imagine adding another layer to your journey, a layer of intent that shapes your passage into a quest of spiritual awakening and personal growth.   Sounds amazing doesn’t it?  Well, I just came back from such a journey under the expert guidance and care of Sher Arnfinson and I can tell you quite honestly, this journey was one of the best experiences of my life. 

Jennifer’s Unique Experience

fjen uniqueDear Sher,

Thank you so much for an amazing experience at the spiritual gathering on Saturday. You provide such a kind and safe environment for this unique journey.  I have experienced a few different types of gatherings, but nothing like this. I had no idea what to expect, and what I experienced I could have never imagined.  For me, I felt that I was able to get into a place that breaks down the walls of the mind and ego to let my soul and the divine show me what I needed to know, see and heal so I can move forward on the next step in my journey.







Love from Susan

flove susanI was recently fortunate enough to participate in a meditation circle conducted by Sher.  I would first like to say that Sher is an amazing woman and Shaman.  Once you meet her, it is clear why she has been given approval by the Shaman of Peru to conduct these spiritual gatherings.  I felt a tremendous amount of support from Sher in a non-intrusive way as I experienced all that I needed.  Sher is a caring, loving woman and this resonates throughout the whole experience.