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Spiritual Leader and Teacher

  • Cusco Amigas
  • Puma Paw, Machupicchu
  • My son flying high in Tiwanaku
  • Mandor
  • Isla del Sol
  • Rainbow Mountain, Sacred Valley
  • Temple of the Moon, Wayna Picchu
  • Q'enko, Temple of the Moon, ORB
  • Kissing Llamas at Machupicchu
  • Cusco Fun
  • 5,000 yr. old Caral, Northern Peru
  • Preparing for a Spiritual Gathering, Caral
  • Isla de la Luna, Bolivia, Lake Titikaka
  • June 21st Solstice
    Machupicchu Gateway Despacho Ceremony
  • Preparing for a Spiritual Gathering, Isla de la Luna Temple, Bolivia
  • Sacsayhuaman, Cusco
  • Activating the Solar Disc, Lake Titikaka 2009
  • Llama at Machupicchu
  • My Group Arrives from Canada to the Jungles near Pucallpa
  • Isla del Sol, South Side, Bolivia
  • Group in Peru
  • Eagle over Amantani Island Lake Titikaka
  • Lunch after hike
  • Drying potatoes
  • Sher & Mike at the thermal baths, Huaraz
  • Ray of Light
  • El Brujo
    Magdalena de Cao
  • Sacsayhuaman
  • Private mud bath near Raqchi
  • Group Photo on Uros Floating Islands
  • Fire Ceremony Orb
  • Spiritual Gathering near Puno
  • Blessing our stones


Sher brings pilgrims to Peru three times each year for sacred experiences in meditation circles; at sacred sites, vortexes and gateways. She has learned how to be in complete stillness for over an hour and without thought for 30 minutes. Being celibate for five years has shown her that personal power can be stored and used more effectively. When Mastering the first two chakras, a very high frequency of vital life force pulls in energies through all the chakras. True spiritual teachers are those who have attained significant contact with Divine through the elements of nature or an animal and generally have a profound effect upon the consciousness of others.

Years ago Sher was told, by the Shaman who holds the keys to the gateways of Machupicchu, that seven women were sent to this planet to be guardians of Pachamama, and he felt she was one of them. Pachamama is the Cosmic Mother, one who is everything, he later told her. Ipa Mama is Mother Earth and is part of Pachamama.

Over the past 13 years, her work with shamans helped her to understand the depth of healing we are capable of. Divine Consciousness works through Sher when creating soul groups, during individual healing and in ceremony. She has embodied Spirit and has an intimate connection with the elements and animal spirits.

In the jungles of Pucallpa, Peru in a small community 4 hours by boat along the Ucayali River, Sher worked with 8 Shipibo Maestros. During this time she participated in sacred healing ceremonies, many times working on the Maestros with her own gifts, through massage and cleansing with Mapacho.

Juan de Dios (Shaman Kucho) the guardian of Machupicchu was the last shaman Sher worked with. After 2 years together, they knew their work together had to end. He told Sher that she could do this work herself and that she must go beyond the life of a shaman to find her inner priestess also mentioning that he gave her everything he had. Kucho also authorized Sher to lead spiritual gatherings. Whenever Sher returns to Peru, the Spirit still brings the two of them together for work with Machupicchu, the Grandfather and the Apus of the Andes. This Universal guidance has little to do with their plans as humans since neither one is aware of the meetings before hand.

Gunika, Shaman Kucho, Shaman Isaac and Sher

Peru has an unbroken lineage of honoring the land for thousands of years and these energies are still alive and ready to open us up to Divine Consciousness. Spiritual gatherings activate the vortexes and sacred sites of Peru, offering energy to those that have prepared. Light is available for pure hearts to illuminate and liberate the mind, body and soul.

Shiatsu Therapist

Sher believes that we must be in communion with Divine Consciousness before we can assist others. After 23 years as a shiatsu therapist, she is able to find stored emotions in the tissue and release it from the body by working with the meridians (energy channels) and connecting points (self discovered).