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Dear Grandfather and Sher, The gathering was profound, deep and absolutely adorable! It played out like we were a part of a children’s story book. Thank you for that very special experience. Your love and guidance has changed my existence. I thought I knew what grounding was, until you showed me what it really felt


In May 2020, I attended my first ceremony, it was with Grandfather. During most of the ceremonies, I would leave my body and therefore not be fully present to experience the lessons. It was difficult to recall what happened because it all took place outside my body; nothing remained inside me at all, no memories

Zam Zam

I’ve been attending ceremonies for over five years and have sat with Grandfather more than ten times, and I must say this was my best experience thus far! I was touched in a different way than usual, where instead of diving deep into profound places of cosmic truths, the experience overall was sweet and simple,

Bakery Testimonials

Sher’s desserts are my absolute favorite…especially her cookies and butter tarts! They are totally guilt free since it’s super healthy and she uses the cleanest ingredients. Love her special order cakes!! Location is 30 minutes from Barrie, Orangeville, Collingwood and Wasaga Beach. Right next to Dufferin Forest; one of the best hiking and cycling natural


Pausing to reflect on the wonderful experiences we shared in Peru-

 What a beautiful way to relive and integrate the energies we have been receiving over the last 3 weeks. It’s an especially interesting time for me as it is my second time traveling to Peru with Sher and the dramatic shifts in my being since our last journey to Peru (2016) are becoming increasingly clear. I can see very acutely how in the past, I was a very difficult person to teach or even communicate with, as I was so full of fear and low self worth. In flash backs, I really wasn’t taking care of my body at all, and had no respect for how I carried myself or how I treated the space around me, although at the time, I may have felt that everything was “fine” and “good” as it was. I was really emotionally unstable and easily swayed where as now I feel an undeniably stronger connection to self. The desire for other people’s approval and attention is gradually crumbling away so that I can stand in my power and create the life that is meant for me. It is a humbling experience to see how perseverance on the Spiritual path progressively reaps its rewards in slow yet unbelievably powerful ways.


*** During the spiritual gathering, I saw you in a beautiful energetic form three times the size of your physical form. Your head is slightly tilted downward with a loving sense of compassion. You have in your right hand a very large wide wand of the same energy which I associate as a large feather


*** Dear Sher, I am touched by your email and feel privileged to be part of spiritual gatherings with you. Words can’t express how reading this made me feel. It reminded me of key things and people in my life, even of some people that had come back into my life and I was confused as


Lake Titikaka, Sunset

I went hiking on the Bruce Trail a couple of times after the spiritual gathering on New Year’s Eve. Walking through the forest keeps the energy moving through me, and I continue to feel her presence with me in nature. Dec 31st is still falling through me in layers – it was teaching me to feel a new vibration, that of our connection to Earth. The more that I keep moving – talking, writing, hiking -the more that the energy keeps working through me.



Condor in FlightSher, after attending the meditation, I left feeling more relaxed, and connected to my body.  My intention was to be more compassionate to myself, and not only during the experience-but after coming home, a lot of wisdom has come to me, and I’m starting to understand self-love and the mind/body connection more than I ever have.  I enjoyed an aromatherapy massage on Monday and attended a group meditation that evening, never having been able to go so deep into a meditation before.