joe*** During the spiritual gathering, I saw you in a beautiful energetic form three times the size of your physical form.

Your head is slightly tilted downward with a loving sense of compassion. You have in your right hand a very large wide wand of the same energy which I associate as a large feather for sweeping away unnecessary energy.  You are definitely a very profound healer in a complete state of grace. The energy looks similar to the picture attached except where you see all the yellow bars of energy please imagine every second bar to be a very deep color red and also extending three times longer than in this picture. Also there is no human face just magnificent energy.I am completely aware that this is you. I now am starting to understand all the angelic beings that have been painted in the Christian teachings have been channeled as they are very close to what I have seen. You have to imaging three times this size to really get the magnificence and sheer power of your being.

There is no question in my mind that you are on your path and divinely ordained to be doing this work. What a gift you are to the world Sher. Take good care Sher! Kind regards, Joe

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Sher Arnfinson

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