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Pausing to reflect on the wonderful experiences we shared in Peru-

 What a beautiful way to relive and integrate the energies we have been receiving over the last 3 weeks. It’s an especially interesting time for me as it is my second time traveling to Peru with Sher and the dramatic shifts in my being since our last journey to Peru (2016) are becoming increasingly clear. I can see very acutely how in the past, I was a very difficult person to teach or even communicate with, as I was so full of fear and low self worth. In flash backs, I really wasn’t taking care of my body at all, and had no respect for how I carried myself or how I treated the space around me, although at the time, I may have felt that everything was “fine” and “good” as it was. I was really emotionally unstable and easily swayed where as now I feel an undeniably stronger connection to self. The desire for other people’s approval and attention is gradually crumbling away so that I can stand in my power and create the life that is meant for me. It is a humbling experience to see how perseverance on the Spiritual path progressively reaps its rewards in slow yet unbelievably powerful ways.

The energy in Peru is not only amplified because of the history of people working the land through ceremonies and offerings, but also because we are traveling with a powerful teacher. With Sher, I experience a change in my life every minute. There is always something to be brought to the surface during her interactions with others. The global impact of her work becomes evermore obvious the more time we spend together. Watching her speak her truth on countless occasions will never cease to awaken something in me. To be fortunate enough to travel to Peru together once again is even more the blessing. This trip really reminded me of all the power she carries and all the lives she must have transformed through her many gifts. There is no one like her, and it was amazing to see how she worked alongside the ShipiBo maestros to help them heal while also taking care of our group. She works tirelessly, and truly, there are no limitations to her work.

My main intention for this journey was to let go and grow as a person; to expand beyond my current limitations and feel more with the heart. As well, there were many intentions for healing my physical body on many different levels.

Having been home for a few days now, the change within is more apparent than it may have felt during the travels. As I have returned to my typical surroundings, work responsibilities and family life, witnessing the way I experience my surroundings and the way in which I interact with others has changed immeasurably. Something inside that used to feel very frantic and on edge at all times, (a profoundly deep tension and stress) has left my being. There is an untouchable calm that has been growing in my life over the three weeks we spent together. There is a certain feeling of peace, security and total acceptance that Sher emanates at all times and being so close to that energy while working on my physical body over the three weeks has had a profoundly healing effect.

At this point, I feel I’m really beginning to accept myself on the deeper levels that I always yearned to experience. Surprisingly, this doesn’t mean that I am any surer of the future and who I will become as my life unfolds but it is actually the exact opposite. I feel trust and serenity in letting go of the limiting expectations I have held onto.

 It can be disheartening to feel as though you want to create something great and make the most of your gifts yet you find yourself at a standstill when it comes to opportunities to execute your dreams. In this way, I am now open to receiving the life that is unfolding at the moment, ready to work with it. Releasing control of how I feel I am supposed to “achieve” and allowing Spirit to work it’s mysterious way throughout my life.

My biggest take away from the journey would be that honesty and humility are everything. I’m grateful to have my connection to Sher so that I can experience other ceremonial practices in a safe environment, feeling protected at all times. It was wonderful to experience a completely different culture within the larger Peruvian culture (through the ShipiBo community). As I have been helping Sher with editing her book, it was interesting for me to meet her old friends whom I’ve heard about in her stories, and to live with them while we were there- and even more interesting- to experience them in ceremony. Throughout the experiences on this sacred path, I am always reminded that healing can always be found, even in the smallest, seemingly unnoticeable exchanges between person to person, person to animal or person to nature.

Many special memories were made as we traveled through the city together. Spending time surrounded by nature for a few days in the jungle was very unique, definitely builds character. As with the previous trip, I absolutely adored the opportunity to eat fresh fruits, so full of flavour, also encountered many new fruits, which surprised me. I really appreciated the opportunity to practice my Spanish and learn from the community, they were very patient and open to sharing their stories with us.

What a beautiful life,

Irene J