Pausing to reflect on the wonderful experiences we shared in Peru-

 What a beautiful way to relive and integrate the energies we have been receiving over the last 3 weeks. It’s an especially interesting time for me as it is my second time traveling to Peru with Sher and the dramatic shifts in my being since our last journey to Peru (2016) are becoming increasingly clear. I can see very acutely how in the past, I was a very difficult person to teach or even communicate with, as I was so full of fear and low self worth. In flash backs, I really wasn’t taking care of my body at all, and had no respect for how I carried myself or how I treated the space around me, although at the time, I may have felt that everything was “fine” and “good” as it was. I was really emotionally unstable and easily swayed where as now I feel an undeniably stronger connection to self. The desire for other people’s approval and attention is gradually crumbling away so that I can stand in my power and create the life that is meant for me. It is a humbling experience to see how perseverance on the Spiritual path progressively reaps its rewards in slow yet unbelievably powerful ways.

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joe*** During the spiritual gathering, I saw you in a beautiful energetic form three times the size of your physical form.

Your head is slightly tilted downward with a loving sense of compassion. You have in your right hand a very large wide wand of the same energy which I associate as a large feather for sweeping away unnecessary energy.  You are definitely a very profound healer in a complete state of grace. The energy looks similar to the picture attached except where you see all the yellow bars of energy please imagine every second bar to be a very deep color red and also extending three times longer than in this picture. Also there is no human face just magnificent energy.I am completely aware that this is you. I now am starting to understand all the angelic beings that have been painted in the Christian teachings have been channeled as they are very close to what I have seen. You have to imaging three times this size to really get the magnificence and sheer power of your being.

There is no question in my mind that you are on your path and divinely ordained to be doing this work. What a gift you are to the world Sher. Take good care Sher! Kind regards, Joe


Total Lunar Eclipse, Sep. 26, 27, 2015*** Dear Sher, I am touched by your email and feel privileged to be part of spiritual gatherings with you. Words can’t express how reading this made me feel.

It reminded me of key things and people in my life, even of some people that had come back into my life and I was confused as to why, overfilled with emotions and not knowing how to deal with it. The moment I read your email, things cleared up and I really felt at peace and have an idea of what the purpose may be for the people who came back into my life. But of course time will show me.

Once again, Sher – I am really happy and feel gratitude to know you. Looking forward to June 20th! Have a wonderful day 🙂 Lena.


Lake Titikaka, Sunset

I went hiking on the Bruce Trail a couple of times after the spiritual gathering on New Year’s Eve. Walking through the forest keeps the energy moving through me, and I continue to feel her presence with me in nature. Dec 31st is still falling through me in layers – it was teaching me to feel a new vibration, that of our connection to Earth. The more that I keep moving – talking, writing, hiking -the more that the energy keeps working through me.


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Condor in FlightSher, after attending the meditation, I left feeling more relaxed, and connected to my body.  My intention was to be more compassionate to myself, and not only during the experience-but after coming home, a lot of wisdom has come to me, and I’m starting to understand self-love and the mind/body connection more than I ever have.  I enjoyed an aromatherapy massage on Monday and attended a group meditation that evening, never having been able to go so deep into a meditation before.


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Three TurtlesSher, I deeply appreciate your attention, concern and kindness. Thank you: *palms together, full bow*.


The first night of the spiritual gathering (Nov. 20) was the first time ever – at least in this current incarnation – that I had allowed this energy to enter my body/mind.


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Dragonfly, Lake TitikakaDear Sher:

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this incredible group. I still have moments of vibration. I hoped to have the negative energy leave me… WOW!! I haven’t been this positive in years. My friendships are stronger after talking issues out. My hopes to go to school and apply for funding from the government has been so easy, I find myself taken aback. Everything I seem to ask for comes with ease. I feel so connected to the people around me, I am blessed. I hope to bring that positive energy back tenfold when I see you all next.

I look forward to this journey.



Peru Feb-Mar. 2013 203

Hi Sher

Thanks a lot for the week-end. It was very different than all the other spiritual gatherings I have been to. Yours was more profound but the main thing is that change continues for days after and this is new for me. This is now four days later. Something has definitely shifted inside me. My intention was acceptance and now it seems clear what I need to do next. The change inside me is showing me the way.

Big Hug, Rene



In the Cradle of Mother,

Sher, the following text is half testimony half stream of consciousness exploration of my experiences during the winter solstice 3 day intensive spiritual gathering. Perhaps less about the experiences themselves this account is more about their interpretive fallout in the days following.  These were the days during which i was piecing myself together after the spiritual supernova of the 3rd night, all the while trying to make sense of what happened to us. I find that doing so has been useful in helping me root the experience into everyday awareness. Feel free to share it with anyone you feel appropriate.

And thus the story goes…

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