Condor in FlightSher, after attending the meditation, I left feeling more relaxed, and connected to my body.  My intention was to be more compassionate to myself, and not only during the experience-but after coming home, a lot of wisdom has come to me, and I’m starting to understand self-love and the mind/body connection more than I ever have.  I enjoyed an aromatherapy massage on Monday and attended a group meditation that evening, never having been able to go so deep into a meditation before.


On Friday you spoke to us about being OK + accepting our past troubles and traumas, because if not for them we wouldn’t be where we are today, and the people we are today.  That simple piece of advice helped to change my perception of myself a lot.  Unfortunately looking back I think maybe i have been trying to control my experience too much, creating blockages.  I also made some mistakes with the diet so next time I won’t be taking any chances 🙂 But it truly was a beautiful, grounding experience, and I am experiencing the benefits and growth now post-gathering. I’m so happy for you and your new space and home, and healing tree.



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Sher Arnfinson

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