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Lake Titikaka, Sunset

I went hiking on the Bruce Trail a couple of times after the spiritual gathering on New Year’s Eve. Walking through the forest keeps the energy moving through me, and I continue to feel her presence with me in nature. Dec 31st is still falling through me in layers – it was teaching me to feel a new vibration, that of our connection to Earth. The more that I keep moving – talking, writing, hiking -the more that the energy keeps working through me.


In Peru, the trails were so ancient and timeless; walking along them brought back memories of myself, glimpses of previous lives and incarnations. Walking along these trails was helping me to remember my ancient self, and to reconnect with parts of me that have not been accessible until now.  It is as though the act of walking brings back ancient remembrances of traversing the land and the earth ages ago in search of new places to live and grow. When I was singing in Bolivia and Peru, I heard a voice that I had not heard in a long time – one that came reverberating back to me from a previous life into my present body. My voice was a vibration that helped me remember what my spirit sounds like. It is my frequency of love and light, my soul-sound.

I think I started to hear my soul-sound in the meditation circle this past November.  As shaky and warbled as my voice was when I sang that night, it felt completely pure and coming from me.  I could feel my way to the Light when I sang, a very old sacred pathway that I could remember from long ago.  As I started down that pathway, I could feel energy crackling into me, as I let myself go further along. My soul-sound never forgot the way there, and it was waiting for me to find my way there again as well when I was ready.

Thank you so much Sher for all that you do. Love and Light for 2016,