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Zam Zam

I’ve been attending ceremonies for over five years and have sat with Grandfather more than ten times, and I must say this was my best experience thus far! I was touched in a different way than usual, where instead of diving deep into profound places of cosmic truths, the experience overall was sweet and simple, resonating within me even days after the ceremony. Despite the simplicity, I feel the lessons really stuck and I’m able to consciously use these tools to reengineer myself and navigate through day-to-day life in a precise and practical manner. Two lessons in particular this time were the significance of being grounded and realizing that energies are always shifting and so it is wiser to be detached – or as Sher would say, without an attachment to the outcome.

Even though Sher has mentioned these truths countless times before, what was unique about this ceremony was witnessing the harmonious teamwork between Sher and Grandfather. During the ceremony, Grandfather opens me up and puts me in a place where I am able to receive these perilous gems and teachings emanating from her. There was an instance when Sher was speaking and I closed my eyes and I envisioned her words were like waterfalls serenely pouring into the crown of my head. In that moment, I was ruptured with a tremendous amount of gratitude.


What is even more fascinating to me is how the teachings and the work of Spirit stretches beyond the context of the ceremony. From the moment you step into the sanctuary, you are transported into a higher field of consciousness where every event that takes place is a personalized lesson. From the mundane tasks of chopping vegetables, to the joyful interactions with the pups, to the detoxifying walks in the forest, I am continuously learning something new about myself and life in general. And yet I am aware I still have a long way to go and so much more to learn in this school of life, but as Mish mentioned during the ceremony, I am blessed to have the best teacher in this journey!

Love and Kindness, Zam Zam