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In May 2020, I attended my first ceremony, it was with Grandfather.

During most of the ceremonies, I would leave my body and therefore not be fully present to experience the lessons. It was difficult to recall what happened because it all took place outside my body; nothing remained inside me at all, no memories and no energy.

The August 2022 Mother ceremony was very different for me since this was the first time I stayed in my body. After getting comfy on one of the shortened massage tables that Sher had provided for the group, 15 min in, I could hear Sher’s voice saying ‘Alroy don’t sleep – sit up against the wall’. This is when I realized that in the previous ceremonies I would fall asleep making it easier for me to leave my body and escape into the dream world.

I began feeling the strength of the medicine in my whole body and noticed how different this was for me after participated in so many ceremonies. I didn’t know what to do or how to handle this. A yellow string of light appeared and it was then that I was aware of every breath I took. When one of the attendees started purging, I saw the yellow strings of light turn into black waves so I focused my attention back to my breath and the yellow strings of light returned. The intensity of the medicine continued, bringing pain in different parts of my body, so I started massaging these areas. Every time I massaged a point, I could see stored stagnant emotions leaving my body. It was like mother was giving me Shiatsu therapy or better yet, cosmic surgery. All I had to do was stay in my body and ground myself so Mother and Sher could look after the rest. This is likely the time when either Mother finally accepted me or I ultimately surrendered to Mother.

The next Mother ceremony was held in October and I was looking forward to this gathering, understanding my new found cellular memory being grounded. For four days before the ceremony I started following the diet very strictly and this time I noticed that energy got stronger each day closer to the ceremony. My intuition was also heightened and I could feel the presence of Mother. Mother and I started building a connection from the previous ceremony and now the awareness is so insightful.

On the day of the ceremony, as I sat down to drink the medicine from the ceremonial cup, I saw two bubbles 👀 on top of the medicine that looked like the eyes of a serpent. As soon as I saw this, I thought I must be imagining things so I closed my eyes putting my intentions into the medicine. When I opened my eyes to drink the medicine, I still saw those eyes looking at me. Without a second thought I drank the medicine and went back to my space to get comfortable.


This time everything was different as I knew I had to sit upright and not fall asleep. After about 10 to 15 min the medicine started to work and those same eyes X10 or more – I observed going down my throat. These eyes actively pulled strings from inside my body out of my head, nose, mouth and ears. I could feel the energetic release from my body, with each string. The pulling strings went on for a really long time.

After all the strings completed their mission, I could hear those eyes saying – everything has been pulled out, now let’s vacuum inside any residual debris. This part of the journey felt like a tornado was created 🌪 inside me. While this was happening it was very uncomfortable for me and that’s when Sher called me over to sit next to her and Charlie on the futon. In two years working with Sher, she hadn’t done this before so I felt she knew something I didn’t understand at the time. Suddenly I the tornado 🌪 came in full force and the visions began to flow. Mother showed me my dad and mom’s lineage and how my dad’s side holds onto some bad karma while my mom’s side has good karma and values.

After this intense part of the journey I went back to my space and lied down to process what had just happened. This was all new to me because in previous ceremonies I went out to the ethers exploring other worlds, gods, different galaxies etc., which now feels very unreal to me, looking back.

A few moments had passed before I saw a small heart light up a fire inside my chest. When I saw the vision I could feel Mother holding me in her arms as if I were a new born baby. She whispered to me that my genetic makeup has been altered; I am a part of a new lineage now. Since this ceremony I feel my connection with mother is much stronger.

Dec 17th Grandfather ceremony: It had been almost two years since we worked with Grandfather. After the two grounded ceremonies with mother I was looking forward to what Grandfather would teach me while being grounded in my body. The medicine usually comes on within 15 minutes for me but I was a bit worried about purging as my diet was not followed as strictly as it could have been. Within a short time, I could feel a magnetic field over my head and shoulders. Sitting upright the strength increased while I felt grandfather rising straight up my spine like the cactus 🌵. For the first time, this was a true connection with Grandfather for me.

Within the first hour, Sher called me over to lay down next to her with my pillow on her lap. Electric zaps hit me on both of my arms periodically while lying there. These Electric zaps felt similar to the energy transfers received during a Shiatsu treatment from Sher although these zaps were 10 times stronger. Eventually I felt reassured lying there, knowing I was in good hands and so the journey continued. One distinct vision that came through was when I was under a waterfall while the water gushed over my head. This is the first time I had a vision during a Grandfather ceremony. Energy came through my crown as the water purified my body.

Towards the end of the ceremony, the group came closer together as Sher helped each one of us go deeper into our childhood traumas. Getting to the root of my childhood trauma I clearly saw myself as a child in true time. Each one of us entered unknown depths of our past without limitations or fear, knowing we had protection and were safe within our group.

Life is very different for me now since the three consecutive grounded ceremonies. I am more confident and work from the heart rather than fear based or mental chaos. I am more open towards people and have been feeling gratitude for everything in my life.

Respectfully, Alroy