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Hi Sher, Thank you from my whole heart and soul for an incredibly healing and inspiring spiritual gathering!  I feel truly blessed to have you in my life! Thank you for sharing your energy and healing with me and my friends!  It was a truly powerful experience! Rainbow sparkly light and love, Julie


Hi Sher! I cannot even begin to explain how my life has changed since the last spiritual gathering. I feel I can stand my ground now. I have never felt rooted in my life… And now I do. I cannot thank you enough for holding these meditation circles. In fact I’m writing this with tears

Susie Dias

I met Sher when she brought Shaman Kucho from Peru to Canada for a tour in December 2010 and was profoundly touched by Shaman Kucho’s depth and integrity. From then on I felt good about referring people to Sher’s work, taking participants to Peru. I plan to go with her myself one day as well as her local spiritual gatherings


Hi Sher, Thank you so much for such an amazing and beautiful experience.  My most profound moment was probably when you cleansed me with the condor and eagle feathers and as soon as you said you are a goddess – these thoughts rushed out of me that were forgiveness and acceptance and love in many


Hi Sher, Now you are the teacher, Sher and I’m so proud of you in what you are doing.  I love all of this healing that you are doing for people.  It really is very important.  I fully appreciate it now that I understand it.  Some people might call it hokey but it’s because they


Hi Sher I want to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for opening up sacred space, heart and healing to all of us on Saturday. I feel tremendous and am looking forward to the next meditation circle. Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for all that I have been able to release & gain since the other night. I


fcare Hey Sher,

Thank you infinitely for inviting me to the spiritual gathering last nite.  My heart is full of gratitude and peace today… and happiness… I was able to release a lot of emotional baggage which I have been carrying around with me for quite some time.  I feel lighter today.  My body is more relaxed… I feel more able to love others and myself.


Gord Maidment

Hey Sher I just wanted to say I’ve had an axing time over the last few weeks and that you and the experiences you have brought to me mean more than money could buy and words could even come close to expressing.. I love and appreciate you and everything you’ve done and continue to do..


Thank-you. As with all of my sessions with you I am digesting what has transformed in my being since and during that blissful spiritual gathering. You are a gentle loving soul and your help with my awakening is the greatest gift to me. I wish you such deep peace and eternal joy. Please let me