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Love from Susan

flove susanI was recently fortunate enough to participate in a meditation circle conducted by Sher.  I would first like to say that Sher is an amazing woman and Shaman.  Once you meet her, it is clear why she has been given approval by the Shaman of Peru to conduct these spiritual gatherings.  I felt a tremendous amount of support from Sher in a non-intrusive way as I experienced all that I needed.  Sher is a caring, loving woman and this resonates throughout the whole experience.

The gathering itself was fascinating.  As one of my fellow participants said, you felt like you were actually in Peru.  I would like to describe the experience but it is almost next to impossible because each person’s experience is unique and we move through it at our own pace as the medicine takes care of what needs to be done.  The gathering and all its facets were divine.  From the singing bowls to the beautiful feathers that I can still hear almost a week later to the wonderful smells of the wood, herbs and the waters.  A symphony for the senses.

Lastly I would like to talk about the personal cleansing that I left with.  I went in suffering from depression and grief and I left with not an ounce of either.  Prior to this I was considering seeing a therapist to work through the issues that I felt were stagnating my life, but I now feel clear of all this negativity.  I have released the grief and I am feeling joyous and ready to move to the next level of my life.  As well on a physical side, I broke my toe two weeks ago and the following day I could move my toe!  It has been getting progressively better day by day at an accelerated pace. I find this fascinating.

Going into this I was little nervous.  I wasn’t sure what to expect even though I had done some reading.  I can honestly say that if you are even slightly considering participating in one of Sher’s spiritual gatherings, I would highly recommend that you throw your reservations aside and do it.  You will not be disappointed and I am sure that it will change your life.  If invited to participate in another, I would definitely go.