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Inner Peace of Julie

finenr julieI feel full of Love and a deep sense of inner peace and clarity after the meditation circle with Sher!  I experienced healing like never before physically, mentally and emotionally.




It is one of those experiences that to put it into words seems impossible.  What does seem possible is my clear connection to my true self again and my life purpose. During the rituals that Sher led us through, I always felt safe as she held the space for us with such a profound outpouring of insight and love.

I feel like I can breathe again and just simply ‘be’ again.  For the first time in ten years I feel like I can take a deep breath!  It’s as though my asthma is entirely healed.  All my energy centers, my chakras in my body are aligned and open.  I feel like I have my power back and I can do anything!

I was contemplating going back into therapy for my depression and I was reading and working through so many self-help books but after the circle I feel like now I don’t need to.  I have the answers within me and no longer feel the deep lull or experience intense anxiety like I used to. Everything is so clear and makes sense now.  I am open to all that the Universe has to offer and allow my life to unfold freely with love, joy, peace, grace, and ease.  And I have Sher to thank!  Words cannot fully express my gratitude for all the support that Sher and the group offered.  It truly was a life changing experience and I highly recommend it to those seeking healing, answers, and a deeper understanding and connection to the Divine!  May you find peace, grace, joy, and love on your journey!  Namaste.”