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Jennifer’s Unique Experience

fjen uniqueDear Sher,

Thank you so much for an amazing experience at the spiritual gathering on Saturday. You provide such a kind and safe environment for this unique journey.  I have experienced a few different types of gatherings, but nothing like this. I had no idea what to expect, and what I experienced I could have never imagined.  For me, I felt that I was able to get into a place that breaks down the walls of the mind and ego to let my soul and the divine show me what I needed to know, see and heal so I can move forward on the next step in my journey.







You led us through the experience easily and effortlessly, to break down those walls, all of the layers.  And when I think I’ve just experienced a major shift, I go a little deeper still… to open up my heart and let go.

I truly believe that if anyone is feeling drawn to go to Peru, but isn’t able to get there just yet, this is a wonderful experience that will give them a taste of what will come in Peru… and perhaps they will embark on that Peruvian pilgrimage with you.  If anyone is feeling drawn to this spiritual gathering with you… they should just go, don’t ask questions, simply listen with their heart… they won’t regret it!

~with love, kindness and eternal blessings~