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Halo Sher,

Thank you again for holding space with such Grace, Wisdom, Love and Compassion and a great sense of humour for all of us Journeying last night.





It was deeply profound and moving. The impact of it, I have no doubt will reverberate on many levels and in many ways for a long time to come.

The Shamanism in various forms has been around for about 40 thousand years!!! 
Various Enlightened Teachers have appeared in our present World System and Turned the Wheel of Dharma.  
Giving the ‘teachings’ so that we may be able to understand the true meaning of our precious human life and live our lives to the fullest and have the tools to work with – transforming our minds/hearts. It is not a ‘one time shot’. It is a process.

I’m excited to go on the Journey with you in your abode which for me is the sacred Mandala. I feel as I am travelling far far far away, and yet so close to home…

with deep gratitude