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Good morning, Sher

Thank you so much for bringing together such a wonderful group last night to share in the spiritual gathering.  It was truly magical. 




I took away a new understanding of feeling undeserving on a deep level – so now I can work on it – starting with the healing, which was such an incredibly powerful moment, and a big step for me to be ready to ask for it and to receive it.  Thank you.  I also took away something else – you asked such a powerful question about being sure about what the outcome will be in my relationship when we look straight into each other’s eyes … you reminded me that I’m not sure of the answer at all and opened me up to the possibility of multiple outcomes.  Thank you for that as well.  And your healing tree is such a gift!  That group tree hug was one of the most amazing experiences ever, coming after so much healing.  It is very special that you create this opportunity and draw together a community that co-creates such powerful experiences.
And I am still filled with joy!  LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂