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Hi Sher

I’ve been meaning to tell you about the spiritual gathering, it was the most powerful one yet and that’s because you’re an amazing healer and Shaman.




It’s fair to divide the insights in 3 parts…

Part One: The whole experience was a full HD colour display of the bliss that awaits, if I were to just let loose. I felt the energy moving in a circular pattern around my third eye, I think that’s when it fully opened up and the visuals and insights kept flooding in.

Part Two: The Mother was showing me how to get to this bliss, and that sometimes all you need is a change of perspective to let go of doubts and insecurities to move forward.

Part Three: Was life as it is now… and that was uncomfortable looking at myself in the mirror, but necessary. Mothers are strict, so it was a healthy dose of reality!

Your presence was amazing, I saw all these beautiful colours around you while you were healing me. There was beautiful green and violet all around you. And your face kept morphing in to a 20 year old’s face, it was beautiful. It was as if you represented this divine feminine energy that had been missing in my life, like a mother or sister I never had. And there was also a clear message that I have a lot to learn from you..not sure what but in time it will be clear. I wanted to share that with you then, but I felt uncomfortable at the time.

I also heard you singing about awakening the serpent… what is that all about… if you remember?

The healing was very powerful, I still feel very good, energized. The energy in the room was amazing. The Andean Orchid perfume is amazing, I’ve been wearing it every day.

Looking forward to future gatherings.

Love and Light, Lala