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Healing a Thyroid Condition, Trish


During the last spiritual gathering, I experience a great deal of sensation in my throat.

I suffer from Thyroid Disease.  I have always had throat trauma.  Throat infections as a kid.  Tonsillitis over and over again until they finally removed them.




I hate when people touch my throat.  My neck is always sore and stiff.  My neck is especially long.  In fact in one of my first major auditions in theatre school (the one that decided if I got into the next semester or not) we all had to play a zoo animal.  We had to research and study it and then “become” it.  I was given Giraffe … because of my long neck!

This summer I got in two car accidents… both times suffering from whiplash.  I had a very hard time telling the truth for a VERY long time.  I used to lie as a kid… because I was scared to tell the truth… especially when something was wrong and I needed help… I’d just say “I’m fine”.  I’m also scared to be honest when I feel I will let someone down or hurt their feelings… so I keep my mouth closed and lose my voice.  I get laryngitis a lot!

This past spiritual gathering (my 4th journey) I had huge sensation in my throat.  I received visions about speaking my truth, about asking for help when I needed it and about not being scared to speak my mind.

Sher tapped my throat with her feather during a healing moment.  And something cleared for me.  MY throat jumped back toward my neck.  And I thought to myself, ” I may never have to take my thyroid pill again”  I’ll find out about the thyroid in a few weeks once I have blood tests.

But what I do know is this.  My osteopath has tried to shift my occipital forwards a hundred times and can never do it because my throat wants to hang out way far forward and my chin lifted a little too high (it’s become my natural alignment).  She was able to fully realign my neck Monday night (2 days after ceremony)  She was so amazed.  She said “WOW!!!! What the heck happened that shifted your throat back and released all of the tension in your neck?”  I said the spiritual gathering.  She said, “I think this shift probably also cured your thyroid condition.”

WOW!!!! MY neck still feels fantastic.  I have not been without neck pain in 5 years… now I’ve had 6 days without neck pain.  And the truth seems so much easier to just flow from my lips… even if it means letting someone down, or feeling vulnerable.

Thank you Sher!  From the bottom of my heart.  This is only one small example of how working with Sher has so dramatically shifted my life.  Forever grateful.